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Book 1 of the SandWish Series; Kalmari!
It's A Book!

Martin Kitt wants three things in life; To stay in bed until noon, to play computer games until he goes blind, and eat sandwiches until he explodes. But his family aren't so keen on him doing these things and would much rather he joined the family business and took over from his father.
Thankfully Martin has good friends who are very happy to help him achieve his dreams, no matter how small.
Did I mention that his friends include a dragon and a shapeshifter, and that his family is descendant from an ancient clan of ninjas, and the family business would be leading them? No? Well that's kind of important.
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Things To Do
Ever found yourself at a loss for something to do, or in work feeling bored, or at home stuck inside because of a pandemic that is currently sweeping the nation?
Well do not worry! Within these pages you will find things to do in almost every conceivable situation (and a number of inconceivable ones). There are things to do at home, at work, while out and about, with various everyday objects, even things to do during exams, regardless of whether or not you've finished it.
Never be bored again!
(Warning: Following the suggestions in this book can result in injury, arrest, loss of life/ limb/ sanity, and more. The author takes no responsibility for anything that happens if you undertake these things!)
Coming Later This Year